The Power of Food for Health

With more than million people being diagnosed with cancer and 26 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States each year—and many more cases in other countries across the globe—there is an urgent need for a new direction in battling diseases. The Food for Life program is an innovative approach to a medical challenge. Continue reading “The Power of Food for Health”

On-Site Lab – Is It Important?

We fabricate custom prosthetics in our on-site lab. Our on-site lab saves time between casting and delivery, and any adjustments can be made quickly and on-site. What does this mean for our clients? This means that the client can come in and when he/she leaves the prosthesis will fit them correctly, possibly in the same day.
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HiFi Isn’t Just a Term For Your Sound System!

Unlike conventional sockets that simply fit the limb, the High-Fidelity Interface (HiFi) system uses patented and patent-pending technology to stabilize and control the underlying bone. This results in enhanced connectivity, superior performance, among many other benefits.

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Weight Makes Prosthetics Cases Difficult (Times Free Press)

If you have a 300-pound plus person, the physical therapist gives up on them being able to walk again because of their weight, then they come in and I try to make a prosthesis and after many attempts, we get one that works, and the person is able to walk independently and that’s very satisfying to both of us.