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A Letter from the Owner of Amputee Clinic

Dear Potential Patient,

Are you looking for help to get the custom prosthetic you need for improved mobility and a better quality of life? As the clinic’s owner, I’m proud to have such a talented and compassionate team right here in Fort Myers, Florida to help you achieve your goal for mobility. Amputee Clinic provides the latest technological advancements in prosthetics, on-site production, physical therapy and nutritional counselling to make sure you get the care you need – when you need it – and at a reasonable cost.

When I started Amputee Clinic in 1984, my goal was simple. I wanted to design a clinic setting that offered our patients an option for same-day prosthetics, coupled with the best functional and emotional care.  We’ve grown a lot in the last 32+ years, but our values remain the same. Helping our patients with improved mobility, nutrition and quality of life is at the center of everything we do.

When I’m not working with patients or managing our clinic, I enjoy spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren. I look forward to getting to know you better and helping you, too. Please call or stop in for a free consultation. It’s never too late to get the help you need. We’re here for you.


Marcum Randall

Are you worried that you will never have the mobility that you used to? Don’t give up. We can help.

Anything is possible, thanks to the hard work, dedication and compassionate care of Amputee Clinic.

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Our Staff

Marcum Randall

Owner, Prosthetist, Orthotist, Physical Therapist

Robert Reynaert

Assistant to Marcum, Fabrication

Doug Bourgoyne

Prosthetist. Orthotist

Brian Burkle

Sales and Survey Leader, Amputee Advocate

Michael Harden

Part time employee. Patient advocate

Karen Ross

Patient Care Coordinator, Amputee Advocate

Ali Boies