Custom, caring prosthetics in Fort Myers

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Custom Prosthetic Services

The staff at Amputee Clinic are advocates who provide accessible, long term care and the most advanced prosthetic and osthetic technologies on-site. We want our patients to have the best opportunity to reach their full functional potential.

We take a unique approach to prosthetic and orthotic care. For us, it’s not just about making the best devices for our patients. We go the extra mile to earn our patients’ trust and provide open communication and support throughout the rehabilitation process.

Our prosthetic care services include:

Prosthetic Knees
  • Microprocessors
  • Polycentric
  • Weight activated
  • Single axis
  • Manual locking
Below Knee
  • Silicone gel liners (locking and cushion)
  • Seal-in suspension
  • Lightweight carbon socket designs
  • Elevated vacuum systems
  • Flexible inner sockets
Prosthetic Foot
  • Energy storing
  • Single, multiaxial & articulating
  • Adjustable heel height
  • Dynamic response
  • Microprocessors
  • Polycentric
  • Weight activated
  • Single axis
  • Manual locking
Upper Extremity
  • Below & above the elbow
  • Body-powered
  • Myoelectric
  • Passive & active function
Above Knee
  • Suction suspension
  • Silicone gel liners (locking and cushion)
  • Lightweight carbon socket designs
  • Comfortable ischial containment
  • Flexible inner sockets
Aesthetic Finishing
  • Bold, custom laminated designs
  • Custom shaped foam covers
  • Realistic prosthetic skin covering
Partial Foot
  • Partial foot (aka toe-filler)
  • Symes/Chopart

Why is Amputee Clinic of Fort Myers different?

In addition to state of the art technology and the ability to create custom prosthetics onsite, we also offer the following:

  • Home care
  • Home visits and evaluation
  • Phone calling weekly or bi weekly for first 90 days
  • Reminder calls
  • Reminder cards
  • PT visits when PT has no phone or isn’t able to respond to cards/calls
  • Hospital/nursing home visits; rehab center visits
  • In-house billing
  • Hardship cases evaluated if patient is unable to make co-pay
  • Home deliveries
  • Home repairs!
  • Onsite, custom lab
  • Very fast turn around when paper work completed
  • 24hr or better response for emergency
  • Therapy for all patients (we set it up for you)
  • Teaching aids, care givers and therapists assist with the care and mechanics of prosthesis
  • Education for use and care, new techniques and devices
  • Continuous patient monitoring high tech advancements and recent research
  • Research for patient, MD, DO, therapist and nurse for prosthetic needs
  • Teaching, demonstrations
  • IPOP (Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis)
  • Early intervention (prevents loss of function, atrophy, mental deterioration, ROM, increases safety, balance, well being, ADL’s)